Are you completely confident your school sports club church camp is protecting children from sexual abuse as well as it can?

BOKRIM ensures your answer is yes.

Managing sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) risk well can be as easy as A, B, C.


Assess how well you are managing SAM risk

Knowing how well you are managing a risk is the first step in being able to identify how to improve your risk management and reduce your risk. 

A BOKRIM SAM risk management assessment will tell you how well you are managing SAM risk compared to best practices. 


Build an expert SAM risk management system

Using a best practice system to manage SAM risk means everyone knows what is expected of them, you can see when things are going well and when not, and you can quickly know when and how you may need to adapt.

Systematic SAM risk management means effective SAM risk management.


Collaborate to reduce the risk of sexual abuse

SAM risk is like every other significant and rare risk.  More and better risk information means less risk and better risk management. 

BOKRIM enables anonymous SAM risk and risk management collaboration.  To manage SAM risk well, it isn’t a question of whether to collaborate, the question is how will you collaborate? 

BOKRIM enables any organization to manage SAM risk like an expert.

The BOKRIM Abuse Safety System – or BASS – underpins both our assessment and system building tools.  The BASS combines best practice tools with practical knowledge, the right people, data and analysis, and a forward-looking capability so that any youth-serving organization, whatever their current risk management experience or resources, can manage SAM risk like experts.

We have produced an outline description of the BASS and the role of a SAM risk manager – “BASS and the SAM Risk Manager”.