Comprehensive Sexual Abuse Protection

To keep children as safe from sexual abuse as possible, you must use the best practices.

To keep children as safe from sexual abuse as possible, you must use the best practices.

Sexual abuse is rising.

Adult-on-child sexual abuse has doubled in the last ten years.  Child-on-child sexual abuse has risen five times.  

The costs of failing to prevent sexual abuse are climbing.

Victims of sexual abuse suffer terrible and lasting damage.  

The people and organizations that fail to prevent sexual abuse can have their lives and activities disrupted for years.  Reputations are destroyed.  Where ten years ago, a large abuse settlement was $250,000; today, it is $25,000,000.  

If these sound familiar, BOKRIM is for you.

It's time for a better approach to protecting children.

95% of organizations use safe environments to protect children.  Safe environments, though essential and easy to implement, are over twenty years old.  They haven’t been the best practice for at least fifteen years, and they aren’t enough to protect children.  

Only risk management best practices can protect children as well as possible from sexual abuse. 

You and your Organization also need Protecting

Safe environments aren’t enough to prevent abuse, and they weren’t even designed to protect organizations from the consequences of failing to prevent abuse. 

Just as the consequences have never been higher, sexual abuse insurance, which only covers some costs anyway, is harder to obtain, costs more, and covers less than ever.

Only risk management best practices can protect your organization as well as possible from the consequences if sexual abuse happens. 

BOKRIM isn't right for every organization.

BOKRIM involves committing your organization to use risk management best practices to protect children, vulnerable adults, and your organization from sexual abuse and its consequences.  Sexual abuse risk management best practice incorporates safe environment practices but is a different approach.  It has to be because, as Einstein said, you can’t keep doing the same things and expect a different result.

For this reason, BOKRIM is available by application only.  You can check us out, and we can discuss what using BOKRIM involves.  

Welcome to BOK Risk Management

So that any organization can easily use risk management best practices to manage their sexual abuse risk, even if they have no previous risk management experience, BOKRIM has developed BOK (for Body of Knowledge) Risk Management© – or BRM for short.

BRM means organizations using BOKRIM have the peace of mind of knowing they are doing everything they can to protect the children in their care.  They have a clear and comprehensive plan for preventing and responding to sexual abuse in their organization.  They are also able to be transparent about their policies and procedures so families and their community are confident kids are safe with them.

BRM has two primary elements: The BOKSURE Application and the SAM Risk BOK.

The BOKSURE Application

The online BOKSURE application is a step-by-step guide through the four-stage cycle of risk management best practice customized for sexual abuse risk.

The SAM Risk BOK

The SAM Risk BOK is a constantly updated body of knowledge containing everything BOKRIM knows and learns about sexual abuse risk and how to manage it. 

BRM transforms how well sexual abuse risk can be managed.

The step-by-step guide plus practical knowledge results in well-informed decisions conscientiously applied to child protection, which transforms how well organizations can protect children and themselves.

The Four Stages of Risk Management Best Practice

1. Assess

A SAM Risk Assessment ensures you understand all the sexual abuse vulnerabilities and risks that result from your organization's nature.

2. Customize

When you understand your vulnerabilities and risks, you can customize a risk management system that keeps both children and your organization as safe from sexual abuse and its consequences as possible.

3. Manage

BRM also means you can monitor your risk assessment, controls, and risk management activities, keeping them all in synch and at best practice levels over the long term.

4. Improve

BRM also enables you to constantly improve your risk management system, which is essential because sexual abuse risk keeps rising.

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The Ten-Step Sexual Abuse Risk Management Best Practice Guide

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