Are you sure your school sports club church camp is protecting children from sexual abuse as well as it can?

BOKRIM ensures your answer is yes.

Traditional child protection isn't working. 

Child sexual abuse is increasing.  All the costs of sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) risk are rising.  Higher expectations for child protection are going unmet.  Insurers are withdrawing from the risk.  Institutions are at risk of or have become insolvent due to SAM exposure.

Child protection is currently based on regulations requiring background checks, training, limiting one-to-one interactions, and reporting suspicions of SAM.  These are important controls and they contribute to child safety but they haven’t materially changed since they were first combined into an approach following the initial abuse crisis over twenty years ago. 

We can do better.

The current approaches to managing SAM risk fall far short of best practices, and SAM risk is now so significant that expertise in best practices is necessary to manage it. 

The challenge is that few people managing SAM risk are risk management experts.  Fortunately, we have learned much about SAM risk, risk management, and information in the last twenty years. 

It is now possible for any organization to protect children and manage SAM risk well – like experts – without adding meaningful cost or time demands on their SAM risk managers. 

To protect children better, three things need to happen.

First, core SAM risk management strategies need to catch up to the scale and scope of SAM risk.

Second, the knowledge needed to manage SAM risk like an expert needs to be accessible to everyone managing SAM risk.

Third, SAM risk managers need the tools to ensure their SAM risk management can improve as quickly as SAM risk changes.

Welcome to BOK Risk Management.

BOKRIM has developed BOK (for Body of Knowledge) Risk Management© – or BRM for short.  BRM is based on two principles:

1.  The more you know about risk, the less risk you have.

2.  The more you know about how to manage risk, the better you manage it. 

BRM is a risk knowledge generating engine made of two elements: The BOKSURE Application and the SAM Risk BOK.

The BOKSURE Application

The online BOKSURE application guides a SAM risk manager through all the steps of SAM risk management best practices.

The three steps to manage SAM risk like an expert

1. Assess

A SAM Risk Assessment ensures you understand the types and forms of SAM risk that are the consequence of your organization's nature.


Our tools let you assess what SAM risks you have and understand where they are concentrated, who they impact, and the different ways they impact different people.

2. Customize

When you understand your SAM risks, you can customize a SAM risk management system that keeps both children and your organization as safe from SAM and its consequences as you can make them.


You select principles to guide your decisions, choose controls that make sense for your risks, and create activities that are practical for your organization.

3. Manage

Once customized, your BOKSURE system means you can monitor controls, constantly improve them, respond to all kinds of SAM-related incidents, and manage change.


You will perform all the activities necessary to manage SAM risk well and you will be able to credibly demonstrate you are managing SAM risk well.

The SAM Risk BOK

The SAM Risk BOK is a body of knowledge containing everything BOKRIM knows about SAM, SAM risk, and SAM risk management. 

The SAM Risk BOK is constantly updated with everything BOKRIM learns about SAM, SAM risk, and SAM risk management. 

BOKSURE and the SAM Risk BOK Together

BOKRIM manages the analytics and communications tools between BOKSURE applications and the SAM Risk BOK so that every organization can manage SAM risk like an expert and the practice of SAM risk management constantly improves.

Every organization looking after minors and vulnerable adults wants to manage SAM risk well.  Accelerating change, increasing uncertainty, and rising stakeholder expectations about child protection make that both more difficult and more important.

BOK Risk Management transforms how well SAM risk can be managed so that any organization can manage SAM risk like an expert.