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Child Protection

Risk management best practice is the only way you can keep every child in your care as safe from sexual abuse as possible.

BOKRIM delivers sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) risk management best practices to any organization.

You need no previous risk management experience.

Best Practices

Children should be protected from SAM with the best practices.  Compliance-based SAM requirements are not even close to risk management best practices.

Today's best practices will improve.

BOKRIM ensures you will always know SAM risk management best practices and how to use them.

Expertly Implemented

You work with children because you want to help them. You also want to keep them safe but you are not a risk management expert.

BOKRIM guides you through every step of creating a system that uses risk management best practices to keep children as safe from SAM as possible.

Even if you have no previous risk management experience.


The current compliance approach to child protection only requires organizations to use four controls to prevent SAM.

They are important controls, but there are more controls you must consider if you want to implement comprehensive SAM child protection.

BOKRIM enables you to implement comprehensive SAM child protection.


Compliance is concerned with keeping children safe.  It offers no protection to you or your organization.

Complete SAM risk management includes protecting yourselves and your organization from the disruption, reputation, and financial consequences of SAM risk.

BOKRIM enables you to implement complete SAM risk management.


It is debilitating when you know something awful like SAM can happen, and you are not sure if you are doing enough to prevent it or how you would deal with it if it happened.

Effective risk management is empowering because you can see you are doing everything you can to try to prevent SAM and have plans to deal with the consequences if you have to.

BOKRIM ensures you are managing SAM risk effectively.


You devote significant effort to helping children become as independent as possible. Yet, you depend on compliance-based rules to protect children from SAM and insurance to protect yourself from the consequences of SAM.

Neither are particularly effective or dependable.

BOKRIM enables you to take control of your SAM risk and actively manage it using best practices, making child protection and your protection effective and dependable.

Highest Standards

Most compliance standards are, by their nature, minimum standards. 

Most people - you included - want children to be protected to the highest possible standards, not minimum standards.

BOKRIM ensures you always meet everyone's expectation - including your own - of protecting children to the highest possible standards.

Welcome to BOK Risk Management

BOKRIM has developed BOK (for Body of Knowledge) Risk Management© – or BRM for short.

BRM delivers risk management best practices to any organization, even if they have no previous risk management experience.

Risk management best practices are necessary to keep every child as safe as possible from SAM. They are also the best way to protect the people and organizations trying to help children.

BRM has two elements: The BOKSURE Application and the SAM Risk BOK.

The BOKSURE Application

The online BOKSURE application guides a SAM Risk Manager through the three stage cycle of SAM risk management best practice.

1. Assess

A SAM Risk Assessment ensures you understand the types and forms of SAM risk that result from your organization's nature.

Our tools let you assess your SAM risks and understand where they are concentrated, who they impact, and how they affect different people.

2. Customize

When you understand your SAM risks, you can customize a SAM risk management system that keeps both children and your organization as safe from SAM and its consequences as you can make them.


You select principles to guide your decisions, choose controls that make sense for your risks, and create activities that are practical for your organization.

3. Manage

Once customized, your BOKSURE system means you can monitor controls, constantly improve them, respond to all kinds of SAM-related incidents, and manage change.

You will perform all the activities necessary to manage SAM risk well and be able to credibly demonstrate you are managing SAM risk well.

The SAM Risk BOK

The SAM Risk BOK is a constantly updated body of knowledge containing everything BOKRIM knows and learns about SAM, SAM risk, and SAM risk management. 

The SAM Risk BOK helps a SAM risk manager decide which best practices to use and how to use them.

BOKSURE and the SAM Risk BOK Together

BRM - the combination of BOKSURE and The SAM Risk BOK - transforms how well SAM risk can be managed. 

Every SAM Risk Manager can understand their organization and its SAM risks. They can customize a best practices SAM risk management system accordingly. They always know what the current SAM risk management best practices are. They know when they need to adapt their SAM risk management.

This combination of attributes, only available from risk management best practice, means a SAM Risk Manager can always keep children as safe as possible from SAM and protect themselves and their organization from the costs of SAM risk.