BOKRIM is designed for SAM risk

A toolbox

A good toolbox contains all the tools you are likely to need for almost any job.

BOKRIM has all the tools needed to assess SAM risk and its management, build a SAM risk management system, and manage SAM risk day-to-day.

A body of knowledge

A body of knowledge – or BOK – is a collection of everything known about an area of practice. 

BOKRIM is a SAM risk BOK.

A BOK is a living thing; an ever-growing repository of practical experience, new ideas, data, and expertise.


A community

People don’t like talking about SAM and people who have to manage SAM risk don’t have many people they can talk to.

BOKRIM is a community of people trying their best to protect minors and vulnerable adults from SAM.

A data analyst

Risk is hard to manage without reliable data. 

BOKRIM collects SAM risk and risk management data from its members, performs leading-edge analysis, and shares its analysis with its members.

An incubator

An incubator nurtures new ideas.

BOKRIM acts as an incubator to ensure new and improving SAM risk management practices are constantly being developed.

Why the elephants?

  1. Elephants are fiercely protective of their young.  We help people and organizations do the same thing.
  2. Elephants never forget.  We are a data company built to develop and share risk and risk management knowledge.
  3. Have you ever heard the story of the blind men who, on coming across an elephant, each had their own opinion as to what they had found?  One thought a leg was a tree, another that the trunk was a snake, and so on.  BOKRIM eliminates silos, so risk managers can see the whole elephant.

BOKRIM stands for Body of Knowledge Risk Information Management

The development and sharing of SAM risk and risk management information to:

  • help individual organizations manage SAM risk well
  • improve the overall practice of managing SAM risk
  • ensure children and vulnerable adults are therefore as safe from SAM as we can make them
  • and so benefit everyone with an interest in seeing SAM risk well managed.

About Us

Tim Jaggs, Founder

Tim is the founder of Jeama Risk Management, a consulting firm focused on challenging, unusual, and hard-to-manage risks.

He began working with unusual and hard-to-place insurance risks some 30 years ago as a Lloyd’s broker in London. It was during this time that Tim successfully developed the first stand-alone SAM insurance product for the Catholic Church.

His work in the SAM space provided a unique opportunity to understand the risk and the difficulties in managing the risk.  This led him to develop BOKRIM as a practical and effective way for organizations to manage SAM risk well and, most importantly, keep children and vulnerable adults as safe as possible from sexual abuse.

Tim has four children (Emma, Alex, Mary, and Arthur) and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Jill and their two dogs, Maggie and Butters.