Our Mission

Child sexual abuse is rising. So are the costs to organizations that fail to prevent sexual abuse.

The main reason sexual abuse and its costs are rising is because the only tools most organizations use to protect minors and vulnerable adults are twenty-year-old compliance-based controls that, on their own, are not enough to prevent sexual abuse. They also do nothing to protect organizations that fail to prevent sexual abuse.

There are best practices for preventing events like sexual abuse and protecting organizations from the consequences. But unfortunately, most people cannot use them because they are unaware of the process and don’t have the knowledge they need to make well-informed decisions.

We guide the people protecting children step-by-step through the best practices process.  The SAM Risk BOK – for sexual abuse and misconduct risk management body of knowledge – contains everything we know and learn about sexual abuse risk and how to manage it, enabling well-informed decision-making. 

Our guidance, combined with the SAM Risk BOK, means any organization can protect minors and vulnerable adults from sexual abuse and protect their organizations from the consequences of sexual abuse as well as their organizations can do so.

We hope that one day, sexual abuse will be eliminated.  We will maintain and develop the SAM Risk BOK until that happens.

BOKRIM is Designed for SAM risk

A toolbox

A body of knowledge

A community

A good toolbox contains all the tools you will likely need for almost any job.

A body of knowledge – or BOK – is a collection of everything known and learned about an area of practice. 

No one likes talking – or even thinking about – SAM.

The BOKSURE application is a framework with all the controls and activities needed to assess SAM risk, customize a SAM risk management system, and manage SAM risk day-to-day.

BOKRIM maintains the SAM Risk BOK, a repository of everything BOKRIM knows and learns about SAM, SAM risk, and how to manage SAM risk.  The SAM Risk BOK is available to every BOKSURE user.

Because no one likes talking about SAM, the people managing SAM risk often have no one to talk to about SAM.  BOKRIM is a community of people trying their best to protect minors and vulnerable adults from SAM.

A data analyst

Risk cannot be managed well without reliable data. 

An incubator

An incubator nurtures new ideas.

BOKRIM collects SAM risk and risk management data from across the risk management ecosystem, performs leading-edge analysis, and shares its analysis with its members.

BOKRIM maintains the communications and analytical infrastructure to ensure new and improving SAM risk management practices are constantly being developed.

Why the elephants?

  1. Elephants are fiercely protective of their young.  We help people and organizations do the same.
  2. Elephants never forget.  We are a data company built to develop and share risk and risk management knowledge.
  3. Have you ever heard the story of the blind men who, on coming across an elephant, each had their own opinion as to what they had found?  One thought a leg was a tree, another that the trunk was a snake, and so on.  BOKRIM eliminates silos, so knowledge can be developed from anywhere and SAM risk managers can see the whole elephant.

BOKRIM stands for Body of Knowledge Risk Information Management

Body of Knowledge Risk Information Management refers to how we develop reliable risk and risk management knowledge because the more a risk manager knows about risk and how to manage it, the less risk they have, the better they manage it, and so the more they reduce risk… 

For SAM risk, our objective is to:

  • ensure children and vulnerable adults are as safe from SAM as organizations can make them
  • help individuals and organizations manage SAM risk as well as their resources will allow, and
  • improve the overall practice of protecting children and vulnerable adults from SAM and managing SAM risk.

About Us

Tim Jaggs, Founder

Tim began working with unusual and hard-to-place insurance risks at Lloyd’s of London some 30 years ago.  One of the products he developed was the first stand-alone sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) insurance for the Catholic Church.

His work in the SAM space provided a unique opportunity to understand SAM risk and the difficulties in managing it.  People looking after children and vulnerable adults want to protect them as well as possible but are not risk management experts – the best practice for preventing negative events.   Consequently, they follow their compliance requirements, believing they provide enough protection. 

But as the scale and scope of SAM risk have grown, it has become clear that compliance isn’t enough – on its own – to protect children or vulnerable adults.  Further, compliance doesn’t protect the people or organizations genuinely trying to do everything they can to protect children. 

Risk management is not only the best practice for preventing negative events, but it is also the best practice for protecting people and organizations trying to prevent negative events.  The scale and scope of SAM risk are now so great that risk management best practices are required to manage SAM risk. 

Tim developed BOKRIM as a practical and effective way for any organization, regardless of sector, experience, or budget, to use SAM risk management best practices to protect children, vulnerable adults, and themselves as well as possible.

Tim has four children (Emma, Alex, Mary, and Arthur) and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Jill, and their two dogs, Maggie and Butters.