BASS and the SAM Risk Manager

A sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) risk manager is not, currently, a common role. For several reasons discussed in "BASS and the SAM Risk Manager", this is changing.

We have produced an application to help organizations transition from a compliance to a risk management approach to protecting children. The application – the BOKRIM Abuse Safety System or BASS for short - enables someone with no previous risk management experience to manage SAM risk like an expert. In three steps, they assess their organization's SAM risk, customize a SAM risk management system for their organization, and manage SAM risk over the long term.

"BASS and the SAM Risk Manager" is a description of the BASS and the SAM risk manager role. We have produced the description to help organizations understand the system and decide who they might appoint to the role. It will also help the new SAM risk manager to understand their role.

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