If your organization is still focusing on a safe environment to prevent sexual abuse, its likely only because no one has talked through the differences in the level of protection afforded by the best practices compared to the safe environment.

In this 30-minute discovery call with Tim, BOKRIM's founder, we'll talk about whatever you want to learn about BOKRIM. We can talk about:

  1. The latest data on rising sexual abuse, the exponentially rising costs of failing to prevent sexual abuse, and how both are growing because of the safe environment. 
  2. The differences between a safe environment and best practices and what they mean for the children in your care and you.
  3. When, where, how, and to whom the minors and vulnerable adults in your care may be vulnerable to sexual abuse and the controls you currently have in place to prevent sexual abuse.
  4. The nature and extent of your organization’s sexual abuse risks and the processes you currently use to manage them.
  5. Your biggest challenge with preventing sexual abuse and managing your sexual abuse risks. 
  6. If BOKRIM is a good fit for you and your organization.
  7. How much BOKRIM costs.
  8. A demonstration of the BOKRIM sexual abuse risk management system.