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Effective risk management requires a system

Systems have characteristics and deliver benefits that make them more effective than programs for managing sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) risk.  For example, compared to programs, systems deliver the following benefits to effective SAM risk management.  Systems:

  • force managers to begin by deciding what they want to achieve before they can start to design and build systems and controls;
  • require feedback loops, so the system manager can see that what they have built is working or not;
  • interact automatically with their environments, ensuring their effective and constant adaptation;
  • focus on end results – such as the safety of minors and vulnerable adults – rather than means;
  • provide an orderly and efficient plan of action;
  • incorporate formal cycles that ensure constant improvement;
  • enable coordination of activities across an organization; and
  • enable new ideas to be developed and tested efficiently.

That effective risk management requires a system-based approach is a BOKRIM core principle.



Tim Jaggs, BOKRIM Founder


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