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Good risk management should be rewarded

There is currently no way to reward an organization for managing sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) risk well.  Organizations can be and are penalized for managing SAM risk poorly but the penalty can come too late for the minors or vulnerable adults who have suffered as a consequence.

If it is possible to measure the total cost of SAM risk, which BOKRIM does, it is also possible to identify good SAM risk management, enabling its reward.

With the objective that, like a credit rating, a SAM risk management rating will motivate ever-better SAM risk management, BOKRIM provides SAM risk management ratings.  

The leading SAM insurer at Lloyd’s has agreed to discount SAM premiums by as much as 25% for highly-rated organizations, so a BOKRIM rating will often immediately pay for itself.

That good risk management should be rewarded is a BOKRIM core principle.


Tim Jaggs, BOKRIM Founder


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