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If we keep managing SAM risk in the same flawed way, how can we expect children to be safer?

This Washington Post article describes a newly released NWSL report that finds “misconduct at the majority” of soccer clubs.  The report is difficult to read but, sadly, is not very different from many reports that have gone before.

The Washington Post article briefly describes some of the actions US Soccer is taking to address this and previous report findings.  US Soccer is evidently taking abuse seriously.

But, our video explains why the system underlying abuse prevention that US Soccer is proposing using – which is based on the same approach most youth-serving organizations use – is fundamentally compromised.  In fact, if you wanted to create a more compromised approach, you would be hard-pressed to beat their proposed approach.  

If Soccer implements the practices the article suggests it is looking to implement, Soccer will get the same results every other sport, church, school, camp, et al is getting – minors and vulnerable adults who are not as well protected from abuse as they could or should be.

We need to manage sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) risk better.


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