In acknowledgement of the positive impact BOKRIM has on sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) risk management, some insurers have agreed to offer premium discounts of up to 25% to BOKRIM users.  The discounts vary depending on the risk management rating achieved by the applicant and any discount decisions are the insurer’s decisions alone.  In almost every circumstance, an organization’s annual premium savings exceed the cost of a one-off BOKRIM SAM risk management assessment.  BOKRIM delivers value.

BOKRIM facilitates relationships with insurance providers but is not a licensed insurance agent, broker, or insurer.  BOKRIM does not recommend one insurance policy over another, does not provide insurance advice and plays no part in any insurance contract.  BOKRIM does however receive a referral fee from certain underwriters for introducing applicants to them.

To further enable BOKRIM users to access SAM insurance, BOKRIM has partnered with Arthur J Gallagher & Co who are licensed insurance agents in all states and administrators of a SAM risk purchasing group, Jigsaw Risk Management. If you would simply like to apply for SAM insurance coverage, the link below will take you directly to an online Jigsaw SAM insurance application form.

Once you complete and submit the form, it goes directly to an underwriter who will usually respond within 24 hours.  Most times, the underwriter is able to offer firm, bindable terms straight away; sometimes they have further questions.  However the underwriter responds, their response will be relayed back to you by a broker from Arthur J Gallagher & Co. 

Contact us to ask questions about SAM insurance or go directly to to apply for coverage.