SAM Risk Estimator

Sexual Abuse Risk Estimator

Numerous elements are included in estimating the total cost of an organization’s sexual abuse risk; this estimate is for the unexpected tangible costs of sexual abuse risk, as described here.

Though our calculations have been informed by data collected over 15 years, our data set is incomplete because no complete sexual abuse data set currently exists.  Our estimate also assumes many factors, including, for example, that you:

  1. operate in a way that is typical for an organization in your sector;
  2. manage sexual abuse risk to an average level; and
  3. do not have a higher-than-average frequency or severity of sexual abuse-related incidents.

To estimate the value of your sexual abuse risk, please provide the information requested below.  Please note the estimate reflects the sexual abuse legal liability risk and cost of a parent entity and its direct subsidiary and affiliated entities.  If you are part of or represent an association of otherwise independent organizations, such as a sports National Governing Body or a Religious organization of multiple parishes, please contact us for more detailed estimates.