Expert SAM Risk Management

For anyone. Always.

We provide two services.


We enable any organization to manage SAM risk like an expert.

Our BOKSURE application means any organization can manage SAM risk like an expert, even if they have no previous risk management experience and limited resources.


We constantly improve SAM risk management knowledge.

We constantly measure and analyze SAM, SAM risk, and SAM risk management to improve SAM risk management knowledge.  Any organization using BOKSURE can meet their and everyone else’s fundamental expectation of always using the best practices to keep children and vulnerable adults as safe from SAM as possible.

In brief, SAM risk management means to try to:

  1. Prevent the sexual abuse of minors or vulnerable adults (SAM),
  2. Identify SAM as quickly as possible, and
  3. Mitigate the consequences of SAM

   …as well as an organization’s resources will allow.

One System. Two ways to use it.

We offer two versions of our BOKSURE SAM Risk Management Application.

  1. Open BOKSURE is a fully customizable, complete SAM risk management system.
  2. Quick BOKSURE is the same complete SAM risk management system but with fewer customization options, so it takes less time to implement. 

The foundations of the two versions of the system are the same.  So too are the assessment and management stages of the process.  It is only the customization stage that differs.

How Open BOKSURE and Quick BOKSURE are alike

Same Systematic Approach

As with all successful risk management systems, a BOKSURE SAM Risk Management System is based on three systematic principles:

Clear Objectives

We are all more likely to meet the objectives we choose for ourselves than those that are imposed on us.

BOKSURE allows you to set the objectives for your system, to ensure your system delivers what you need it to deliver.


Every organization is unique, even if the differences are hard to see from the outside.  For this reason, one size risk management system doesn’t fit all. 

BOKSURE enables you to customize every element of your system; there is just more customization available in the open version.

Easily Adaptable

Risk is dynamic, so every risk management system must necessarily be easily adaptable to stay effective over the long term. 

Change management – and constant improvement – are both embedded in BOKSURE SAM Risk Management Systems.

Same Clear Roles and Responsibilities


SAM risk management controls are the things designed to prevent SAM from happening, to identify it as early as possible if it starts, and to mitigate the consequences of any SAM you are unable to prevent.

Controls cover everyone in your organization and happen all the time.  BOKSURE enables you to choose the controls that make sense for your organization’s SAM risk and its risk management resources and capabilities.


SAM risk management activities are performed by the SAM Risk Group.  This is group of people who work with the SAM Risk Manager to spread the management workload and ensure activities and communication are consistent across the organization.

Activities include monitoring controls, responding to SAM-related incidents, identifying changes that may need adapting to, and looking for ways to improve the system.

These activities formally occur monthly or quarterly.


A Board, owner, or CEO ensures system performance meets the objectives set for it.

They also determine the leadership of the system, set its principles (which can also serve as its objectives), approve system customizations, and review the organization’s overall approach to SAM risk management.

Some oversight activities formally occur annually, others every three to five years.

Same Process


Every organization has a business model; it is how an organization does what it does.

Understanding what an organization does – who it serves, the resources, activities, and partnerships it needs to develop its value proposition, and the relationships and channels between it and those it serves – are prerequisites for understanding the nature and scale of its SAM risks.


Customizing a SAM risk management system is about choosing controls and activities that balance the need to address the organization’s SAM risks with its SAM risk management objectives, resources, and capabilities.

BOKSURE guides a SAM risk manager (and the SAM risk group) through the key questions they need to ask to ensure an initial balance is established. 


Risk management is about maintaining a balanced relationship between the organization and its SAM risks over the long term.

It involves regularly verifying controls and activities are taking place as customized, reviewing that control and activity outcomes are as expected (and adapting if necessary), looking for changes that may need adapting to, and actively looking for and taking opportunities to improve the system.

Same Cost


Whether you choose Open or Quick BOKSURE, the cost is the same because the foundation, framework, process, and ongoing support are all the same. 

Your cost depends on how much SAM risk we estimate you have.  Use the button below and we will send you an estimate of how much SAM risk we estimate your organization has and how much an annual BOKSURE subscription would be for your organization.

Ignoring the improvement in child safety and SAM risk management, many organizations save more than BOKSURE costs because of how much lower insurance premiums are for organizations using BOKSURE.

Weekly Live Q&A

Every week, we offer a clear one-hour block when we are available on Zoom for anyone to join us with any questions they may have.  

The Live Q&A is only available to subscribers.

Book a One-to-One Zoom

After you register, you can book a one-to-one Zoom to go through your questions in private with us.

SAM Risk Management Training

We are developing a training course for new SAM risk managers.  This will enable subscribers to access the same material we offer in our workshops but to do so in their own time and at their own pace.

We also recommend SAM risk management training for people who are invited to become members of an organization’s SAM Risk Group.

Ideally, we also suggest at least one Board member is trained in SAM risk management, so they understand what BOKSURE is designed to achieve and can therefore be more effective in their oversight role.

This training is not yet available but will be soon.

Email and Phone Support

You can also call or email us at any time.  You will talk to a human – well, a San Francisco Bay Area resident anyway – and we will always try to answer all your questions.

Same Rating Scheme

SAM Risk Management Rating

A BOKRIM SAM Risk Management Rating is the only information BOKRIM issues about how an organization manages SAM risk. 

A Rating is a relative score.  It expresses how well an organization manages SAM risk compared to the BOKRIM rating scale and the other organizations using BOKRIM. 

The rating includes ‘scores’ from each of the Assess, Customize, and Manage stages of the BOK Risk Management System – roughly in equal proportion. 

The underlying rating scheme is constantly adapted as we learn more about SAM risk and its management.  This means an organization must regularly engage with its SAM risk management to maintain its rating and that constant SAM risk management improvement is baked into the BOKSURE process.

How Open BOKSURE and Quick BOKSURE differ

Customizing a SAM risk management system means choosing which controls and activities you are going to perform and deciding how you are going to perform them. 


In Open BOKSURE, you are free to decide both which controls and activities you want to perform and how you are going to perform them.  You can also ignore the BOKSURE options for how and add your own.

Open BOKSURE is broadly customizable.


In Quick BOKSURE, you are also free to decide which controls and activities you want to perform but there are fewer choices about how you are going to perform them.  There are also fewer opportunities for adding your own approaches.

Quick BOKSURE is often used by organizations that prefer more guidance in developing their systems, or by organizations that are using BOKRIM to implement the BOKSURE system across a wide range of entities – for example, a group of sports clubs, Churches, or schools – and they want to limit choice to ensure a minimum standard across all the entities.

Quick BOKSURE can therefore be customized according to the choices of a coordinating body like a National Governing Body, a religious denomination or Diocese, or a School District.

If you would like to talk to us about BOKSURE or BOKRIM, please book a ZOOM.