BOKRIM offers three SAM risk management services.


How well are you managing SAM risk?

A SAM risk management assessment compares an organization’s current SAM risk management practices against the spectrum of practices BOKRIM has identified are in use across youth-serving organizations.  The assessment also compares the ways each practice is implemented compared to all the ways BOKRIM has seen each practice implemented.

The two outputs of the assessment are:

  1. A detailed assessment of all an organization’s current SAM risk management activities to help it make informed strategic decisions about where and how to focus resources and activities in the future.
  2. A SAM risk management rating, for the overall approach and each pillar of the BASS, means an organization can share how well it is managing SAM risk without disclosing any confidential information.


Manage your SAM risk like an expert

The BOKRIM Abuse Safety System (BASS) is a 7 pillar SAM risk management system built on risk management best practices. The seven pillars are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Scope
  3. Principles
  4. Context
  5. Kernel
  6. Places
  7. People

Our BASS building app enables any youth-serving organization to customize a best practice SAM risk management framework to their needs.   We provide support and training through the onboarding, customizing, and deployment phases of a BASS build, preparing organizations to manage SAM risk like experts.


Help improve all SAM risk management

Truly effective risk management is only possible with collaboration.

  1. For a rare risk like SAM, collaboration is the only way enough data can be captured to develop a complete and accurate picture of the nature and scale of the risk.  Collaboration is also the only way to identify the most effective practices and so be able to manage risk well.  Because managing SAM risk well requires collaboration, BOKRIM enables organizations to collaborate anonymously.  Using BOKRIM, organizations improve their own SAM risk management and, at the same time, contribute to improving the practice of SAM risk management for everyone. 
  2. Humans are social animals; most of us want or need to talk through our problems with others.  Unfortunately, most people are, at best, uncomfortable thinking about child sexual abuse, much less talking about it.  People who have to manage SAM risk therefore often have no one to talk to about even the simplest of issues.  The BOKRIM Risk Café is a free-of-charge but member-only social network for people managing SAM risk.  It is a safe place for SAM risk managers to ask and answer questions, increase and share their knowledge, and find expertise they can trust.

If you would like to apply for free membership of the Risk Cafe, please apply here.

The SAM Risk BOK

Underpinning and connecting all three services is the SAM Risk BOK.

A body of knowledge (BOK) is a data-driven, AI and expert-curated, socially validated repository of the full set of concepts, terms, and practical activities that make up a professional domain.   

The SAM Risk BOK involves the systematic collection and analysis of the data necessary to understand SAM risk – all its characteristics, causes, consequences, and how to manage all of them – and how each of these evolves over time.

BOKRIM uses the SAM Risk BOK as the cornerstone of its risk information management system, which:

  1. continuously develops SAM risk and risk management data from across the SAM risk management ecosystem;
  2. measures the data collected without silos;
  3. delivers the resulting analysis in practical and contextually relevant ways to individual organizations and risk managers;
  4. signals how well SAM risk is being managed; and so
  5. constantly improves the practice of SAM risk management.

Please book a Zoom with us if you would like to learn more about our services.