Sexual Abuse Prevention


Our mission is to ensure that organizations working with children and vulnerable adults can prevent sexual abuse as effectively as possible.

We must improve at preventing sexual abuse because sexual abuse has been rising for the last ten years.  Further, the costs of failing to prevent sexual abuse have grown exponentially.  Despite this, we still use practices developed twenty years ago to protect children.

As Einstein didn’t quite say, you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.  

Though there are research-proven best practices for preventing adverse events like sexual abuse, less than 1% of youth-serving organizations currently use them.  

Currently, youth-serving organizations are trapped in a cycle of fast-rising sexual abuse and faster-rising costs.  This is unsustainable. 

The problem isn’t caused by a lack of desire to prevent sexual abuse or protect children.  Sexual abuse risk has changed, become far more significant, and few youth-serving organizations have the experience or expertise to use the risk management best practices that are now necessary to manage it effectively.

We provide organizations with the tools and information to use risk management best practices to prevent sexual abuse.

BOKRIM is designed for sexual abuse prevention

A toolbox

A body of knowledge

A community

A good toolbox contains all the tools you will likely need for almost any job.

A body of knowledge – or BOK – is a collection of everything known and learned about an area of practice. 

No one likes talking – or even thinking about – sexual abuse.

The BRM application is a framework with all the controls and activities needed to assess sexual abuse risk, customize a sexual abuse risk management system, and manage sexual abuse risk day-to-day.

BOKRIM maintains the SAM Risk BOK, a repository of everything BOKRIM knows and learns about sexual abuse, sexual abuse risk, and how to manage sexual abuse risk.  The SAM Risk BOK is available to every BOKRIM user.

Because no one likes talking about sexual abuse, the people managing the risk often have no one to talk to about it.  BOKRIM is a community of people trying their best to protect minors and vulnerable adults from sexual abuse.

A data analyst

Risk cannot be managed well without reliable data. 

An incubator

An incubator nurtures new ideas.

BOKRIM collects sexual abuse risk and risk management data from across the risk management ecosystem, performs leading-edge analysis, and shares its analysis with its members.

BOKRIM maintains the communications and analytical infrastructure to ensure new and improving sexual abuse risk management practices are constantly being developed.

BOKRIM stands for Body of Knowledge Risk Information Management

The more you know about a risk like sexual abuse and how to manage it, the better you can prevent sexual abuse and minimize the consequences if it happens. 

Body of Knowledge Risk Information Management is how we develop reliable sexual abuse risk and risk management knowledge to:

  • ensure sexual abuse prevention is as effective as possible, so children and vulnerable adults are as safe as possible
  • help individuals and organizations protect themselves as well as possible, and
  • improve safety and protection constantly.

Our Founder

Tim Jaggs BOKRIM Founder

Tim Jaggs

Tim began working with unusual and hard-to-place risks at Lloyd’s of London 30 years ago.  One of the products he developed was the first stand-alone sexual abuse and misconduct liability (SML) insurance for the Catholic Church.

Working ever-more closely with organizations to help them prevent sexual abuse, rather than just insuring it, provided Tim with a unique opportunity to understand the challenges of trying to prevent sexual abuse.  He recognized that sexual abuse, as a risk, needs managing, not simply preventing.  

He also identified that, although everyone looking after children and vulnerable adults wants to protect them as well as possible, few are risk management experts.  As a result, most youth-serving organizations aren’t aware of and cannot use risk management best practices.   

Tim developed BOKRIM as an easy, quick, and practical way for any organization, regardless of its sector, experience, or budget, to use risk management best practices to protect children, vulnerable adults, and themselves as well as possible from sexual abuse.

Tim has four children (Emma, Alex, Mary, and Arthur) and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Jill, and their dog Maggie.

What have elephants to do with preventing sexual abuse?

  1. Elephants are fiercely protective of their young.  We help people and organizations do the same.
  2. Elephants never forget.  We are a data company built to develop and share risk and risk management knowledge.
  3. Have you ever heard the story of the group of blind men who, on coming across an elephant, had their own opinion about what they had found?  One thought the elephant’s leg was a tree, another that the trunk was a snake, the tail a rope, and so on.  This elephant story is about silos and the harm they do to understanding.  The risk value chain is siloed, which is why sexual abuse risk management practices haven’t changed in over twenty years.  By eliminating the silos, we can start hunting for new and better ways to prevent sexual abuse and protect the people and organizations who help children and vulnerable adults.