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The best risk management is about achieving objectives, not just preventing negative events

The most common approach to managing sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) risk is to ‘prevent and mitigate’ (P&M).  In a P&M framework, a risk manager designs controls to try to prevent negative events from happening and makes plans to mitigate the consequences of the events that cannot be prevented.  

The problem is that few people are enthused by preventing negative events, particularly inherently rare ones like SAM.  And it’s also hard to reward someone for nothing happening. 

This explains why risk management best practice has shifted to focus on the achievement of an organization’s most important objectives.   More people are enthused for longer by achieving objectives but motivation will still wane if the objectives get too far removed from the risk manager’s day-to-day concerns. 

BOKRIM enables SAM risk managers to focus on ensuring minors and vulnerable adults are as safe from SAM as possible and on minimizing the total cost of their organization’s SAM risk.  These are both immediate objectives a SAM risk manager will be enthused by and success will directly contribute to the achievement of the organization’s most important objectives.

Having risk management be about achieving objectives, not just preventing negative events, is a BOKRIM core principle.


Tim Jaggs, BOKRIM Founder


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