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The right tools for the job

Many people have been working extremely hard to try to improve how sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) risk is managed and perceived.  Despite their hard work, more people still distrust than trust how organizations manage SAM risk.

There are a number of reasons for the lack of trust but one of the most important is that SAM risk managers have been expected to manage SAM risk with inadequate and out of date tools.  

It is an old saying that a poor workman blames their tools but it is also true that to do a job well requires the right tools for the job.   SAM risk managers currently lack two of the most important tools any risk manager needs:

  • the right framework in which to manage the scale and scope of SAM risk, and
  • reliable information to make well-informed SAM risk management decisions.

BOKRIM’s SAM risk management framework has successfully restored trust in organizations managing risks that are just as challenging as SAM risk.  The SAM risk BOK provides reliable information. 

The right tools for the job is one of BOKRIM’s core principles.


Tim Jaggs, BOKRIM Founder


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